Dunnage airbags

Highly suited to protecting:

  • Valuable and/or especially sensitive electronic equipment
  • Frozen goods, such as fruit, meat or dairy products
  • Large machine fittings and machine components
  • Larger pipes, special transports
  • Can, bottles and ceramics
  • Cartons, boxes and sacks
  • Paper rolls and sheets
  • Large household devices (‘white goods’)
  • Barrels and casks
  • Palletised goods
  • etc.

Area of use:

  • Ships, including refrigerated ships
  • Containers
  • Train carriages
  • Lorries

Security seals

Security seals consist of two entwined components which create an inseparable link that can only be reopened using force. This is affixed to the container door before transport.

Security tape

is a fibre-glass reinforced sticky filament tape designed to meet the highest demands.

Tiltwatch ®

Tilt indicators:

These indicators are designed for products that can only be moved in an upright position.

If a product is tipped too heavily or even stored or transported upside down, the indicator provides visible evidence.



Shockwatch ®

Shock indicators:

These provide a highly visible warning to safeguard against improper handling of the goods during transport.

Impact indicators alert warehouse and transport staff to monitor how the goods are handled. If impacts occur outside previously defined acceptable limits, the indicators offer irrefutable evidence for the breach.

The starting point for selecting the right Shock-Watch® label is the size of the package in cubic metres (LxWxH) and total weight, including packaging. Select the weight range in the left column and in the upper row of the volume range. Read off the corresponding sensitivity value at the intersection of the weight row and the volume column.



MAG 2000 (Shockwatch)

Shock monitor:

The MAG 2000 is designed to monitor the transport and storage of especially heavy products that are sensitive to shocks, such as containers, train carriages, printing machines, lorries or industrial machinery.

High precision, simple handling, reversibility and a wide range from 0.5 to 40g make the MAG 2000 an all-purpose tool for transport monitoring.

The MAG 2000 works according to the principle of magnetism. In the event of a shock, the orange indicator magnet enters the visible area and displays the direction of the shock. The MAG 2000 can be reset with a special key and can thus be used many times. Furthermore, it can be sealed to protect against manipulation.

The MAG 2000 is equipped with a self-adhesive back as well as with pre-drilled mounting holes.

MAG 2000 (Shockwatch)

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