Our outsourcing service is impressive.

We have developed a new shipping concept for the global delivery of replacement parts for escalators with the company Schindler. Since July 2000, we have been responsible for the full shipping process, goods request, packaging, customs clearance, invoicing, shipping statement

The process of the project:
We were able to win a tender launched in January 2000 amongst hauliers and packaging logistics companies, not least thanks to our packaging competence. One factor behind the success of the outsourcing, which has been running for several years now, was that the entire process was examined and optimally structured from the start.

Successful result:
As a result of restructuring, express deliveries for example are now possible within 12 hours of order receipt. Up to four WAB are transported from Schindler to Pawel each day. Whereas in the past, only 1-2 containers could be packaged, now up to six containers are sent per week. Since the entire logistics process is shown in SAP, and we work in the Schindler system, an optimal information and control process is guaranteed.

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